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                                                 Wuji Qi Gong - Preface                  

I’ve chosen to call this book Wuji Qi Gong. Even though “qi gong” is a fairly recent term, its use arising only during the 20th century. I choose this name because, otherwise, people will not know what it is we’re talking about.
However, the method being discussed is some portion of an esoteric practice that is thousands of years old. It is as least as old as the ancient Chinese character for “navel”, “pi”, which is thought to date back to the Yellow Emperor  (circa 2500 B.C.E.) or before. 
Our belief is that the practice, in some form, coincides with the recognition and exaltation of the four primordial elements, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, which date back to China (5000 B.C.E.), India (3500 B.C.E.), Egypt (2500 B.C.E.), and Europe (1000 A.C.E). These time frames are educated estimates. Where the method actually originated and the path by which it spread is unknown.
In any case, traces of the essential method, though obscure, exist in the yogas of Taoism, Hinduism, and Kashmiri Shaivism, even today.  
Volumes have been written about it in ancient China alone. However, as opposed to explain