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                                               Wuji Qi Gong - Essential Philosophy                 

Wuji Qi Gong is rooted in the great philosophy and mysticism of Taoism.The symbolism is that of the Bagua or “eight trigrams” of the Yi Jing, and the Taiji diagram.The vocabulary is Heaven, Earth, Fire, and Water, the four primordial elements. It is the only vernacular that we have for discussing this ancient method.It is a language and symbology that is rife with multiple meanings, some “true” and many intentionally false. It seems that it was intended to be this way, i.e. delightful for the initiated and confounding for the novice.Wu means “to vanish”, the ancient form of the character depicting a forest that has disappeared.Vanishing is an analogy for “de-manifesting”.Ji means “utmost, extreme limit, zenith”. The inner character, also “ji” , has the meaning “man struggling for life against an obstacle”. The obstacle is difficulty breathing. (See Appendix.). Wuji Qi Gong is a method by which manifestation may be reversed. It involves resolution of the difficulty – by learning to breathe in harmony with Heaven and Earth.